Here are some videos MJ and Kurt have done. Enjoy!
This is one of our first videos for the Merry Christmas From Alaska project. It features MJ, Kurt and a bevy people who were around us at the time. It was produced for our local NBC affiliate for a Christmas day special that eventually became a tradition. We did eight of those CDs and the Christmas Music page on this site contains a link to the "best of" the music MJ and Kurt did over that period.
Below is a video experiment of our audio experiment of Imogen Heap's song experiment. "The Song That Never Was" was written and sung by Imogen Heap in England. She provided only the vocal tracks. So this particular version was arranged, performed and recorded by MJ and Kurt Riemann in Surreal Studios, Alaska.

Originally Imogen's song was was donated to "Twestival" for others to arrange, so we jumped at the chance. Again, the vocals by Imogen, everything else by MJ and Kurt (and their kids) with Steven Rychetnik on Bass. This is the Video Synthesis version - the "making of" version is also available which shows some of the fun we had making this in the studio.