Fast Facts: Mary Jane Riemann was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada. She now resides in Anchorage, Alaska with her Alaskan husband, Kurt Riemann. They work together on all musical projects at Kurt's studio:
"Goodbye" featuring Davy Spillane, is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon
You are gone
much too soon
when there was so much more to do
a whisper lost
in the wind
are you now sailing on and through?
We'll miss you so
I hope you know
if there is any way to tell
how we are now
without you here
the waves are washing empty shells
goodbye, goodbye
sad to see you go
goodbye, goodbye
we'll always love you so
life is short
a mystery
we're just some little boats at sea
you've reached the end
of sailing days
and it just takes my breath away
goodbye, goodbye
sad to see you go
goodbye, goodbye
we'll always love you so
Goodbye, goodbye,goodbye,
we'll always love you so, love you so
We are so delighted to share this with everyone. No one has worked harder on this recording and video than Kurt has. Hard to keep it all straight with late-night brain storming sessions, but I believe the concept for the video was his idea. And it is beautifully done.
I had this reach-for-the-stars idea that I could get Davy Spillane to play on this song. I started referring to the solo section as "Davy's solo" and I sent an early version of the song to him, explaining why I wrote it, and asking him to please listen to it, and consider playing on it. Understand that I have been a fan of his for something like 20 years. When he wrote back and said "It is a fine song and I would be glad to play on it" well, let me tell you, I could not have been happier. Possibly the best moment of my professional musical life thus far. I don't know how I kept from telling the world.
So here we are, done. I hope you like it. Loss is a hard subject, and yet it is common to us all. My sincere intention with this song was to convey the pain of a loved one dying, and to bring the listener through a cathartic place.
A note about the video: We came by all of these shots honestly. They are friends. No models holding stock photos. To those who shared your time, photos of your loved ones, and stories, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
If you like the song, please share. It is also up on iTunes and Amazon for sale. We appreciate your support.

From MJ: It would be hard to over-state how much the outcome of the songs I write is influenced by the world-class recording standards that my husband, Kurt Riemann brings to each new song. He is a true artist. And an artist in his own right. Check out his studio here:
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